"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children."
- Ancient Proverb


Over the past 500 years, the population of humans on Earth has grown from half a billion, to over 7 billion. Technology, the global market place, and powerful corporations are thriving and have given rise to a more globally connected planet. These powerful forces have also introduced new environmental and social problems on a global scale. The solution to this global crisis, is a shift in consumer and business decision making.

The Earth Conscious Consumers (ECC) is an organization that declares an ethical stance on how humans and business should live on planet Earth. These ethics will address issues that effect future generations, minorities, and the environment. The goal is to protect the Earth from businesses that are destructive. Good businesses will be promoted, while damaging businesses will be avoided. Members understand that spending money is a form of voting, so while buying products the process is about voting for companies that have agreeable ethics.

The ECC consists of a round table of educated individuals from many cultures and backgrounds. A manifesto will be written that will outline ethical guidelines that people should abide by to ensure a good future for life on Earth for thousands of years. Individuals and businesses that align with the manifesto will be considered “Earth Conscious”.