"The structure of world peace cannot be
the work of one man or one party or one nation.
It must be a peace which rests on
the cooperative effort of the whole world."
- Franklin D. Roosevelt


Vote with your dollars.
It is the antidote to corporate greed.

Consumers should promote the use of:
– Re-usable products
– Cruelty free products
– Carbon neutral products
– Products made from Recycled materials
– bio-degradable containers

Consumers should be aware of:
– Cradle to Grave
– Externalizing Cost
– Effects of Pollution

Members can write “Transparency Reports” about any company they know a lot about.
These documents can be edited wiki style, so other members can add or edit it.

As a consumer we should never give money to a company that violates our ethics with their actions. If you wouldn’t do it to an animal or piece of land due to ethical and miserable results, then you should not pay another company to do it for you. We should strive to make the best decisions, so we are not wasteful or polluting behind our own backs.

If you spend money, you have the responsibility to know what you are funding from cradle to grave.
Consumers can support businesses that are sustainable and in harmony with the Earth’s Resources.

Boycotting corporate greed is encouraged.